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A Cross-Disciplined Approach to Embedded Software Testing

Immerse yourself in the expanding Embedded Software Testing market while building upon foundational embedded systems education at our conference program. Designed to be complementary, attendees are encouraged to access all eight Technical conference tracks plus Case Study Sessions.

From foundational to applicational, topics and areas of coverage include:

  1. Automotive Software Unit/Component Testing
  2. Python Based Test Automation
  3. Automated Static Code analysis
  4. Automotive Ethernet Analysis
  5. Automotive Dataloggers
  6. Timing Analysis
  7. Automotive Network Analysis
  8. Functional Safety Based software Testing

A professional and industry expert leads an educational session during a conference.

Why embedded TestCON

Menlopark’s Embeded  TESTCON  conference focus on the technology more than the vendors. That makes the conference a great place not just to broaden your technical horizons, but to enhance and upskill your other technical knowledge.

Technical Presentations

The presentation will be streamlined to a new feature or an update on the product or the relevant technology that you would like to bring up or implemented.


The training session would be on the usage of technical aspects of the tools to achieve a single objective or multiple objectives together. For this, the pre-requisites like system requirements and licenses will be arranged at the participant’s end.

Panel Discussion

This session works as a press conference with the audience. This session will share the viewpoints of the industry specialists on how the technologies are inter-related.

Case Study presentation

This session should detail out on the pain points on which customers are facing with or without naming the customer name and focus more on the problem statement, solution for the problem, success, and pitfalls of the problem.

About US

Menlopark has transformed the ETESTCON conference into a completely virtual experience this year! Embedded TESTCON is empowered with great content, New Trends, and collaboration in the embedded testing network. From the comfort of your digital device, you will approach the entirety of extraordinary content and specialists you have generally expected from TESTCON.

The conference will be streaming over 24+ talks—including keynotes, Technical Sessions, Workshops, Case Studies, and Panel Discussions all in an engaging and interactive premium virtual atmosphere. We’ve developed Embedded TESTCON 2020 into a completely online learning and knowledge-sharing forum.

As a Quality cognizant expert professional embedded space, you expect to get practical, specialized technical content when you go to a conference, but you also want to network with other engineers in your field—​ideally, individuals who are dealing with similar difficulties as you. As the world is changing faster than we could expect, here’s why it’s important to have knowledge of the latest trends, from quality-driven development to transformations in the Automotive, Automation, and Aerospace industries.

Thankfully, Menlopark’s ETESTCON conferences focus on the technology more than the vendors, that makes conferences a great place not just to broaden your technical horizons, but to expand your other technical roles.

Menlopark Technologies

Menlopark Technologies is a leader provider of embedded hardware and software products to Automotive , Automation and Aerospace industries across the globe . We select leading edge strategic partners whose products are pioneering in their fields, allowing our customers to differentiate themselves in a niche Embedded Engineering Space. As a value-added distributor, we are strong on technical competence.

Our engineers can advise you on the best product set to suit your technical and business needs, and we offer product configuration and bundling of hardware and software solutions for hassle-free, Product development.


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